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 In a previous survey of pregnant Lera, held in a sand quarry, a very long time doubted whether to show its continuation in the home environment. Just make a reservation for the detractors of such projects, we had three photo shoots, the latter will necessarily be presented to the public (it is all love - with pinetochkami, flowers and other pleasant attributes of photography pregnancy).

The same survey was planned in style - a maximum of sexuality. Not vulgar, but to some extent desirable, in what is sensuous. For my taste, everything turned out. Lera stunning model, very beautiful, flexible, even a little cheeky for me to shoot with her ​​was a pleasure. And most importantly, the image, even in such "lofty" position, in my inner world it reflects the most accurate.

For myself, I concluded that I love this shot, not only as a photographer, but as a woman. I want to believe that the birth of your baby - is nedelenie love for her husband and baby in half, and its augmentation!

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